“I am not an artist. I am a craftman”        by Fritz Lang


Tradition and Foundation

The taps and fittings production, in a modern concept, has its origins at the very beginning of the 19th century in our territory: the Cusio. It is in the early 1800s that the old pewter workers, tinsmiths and stone cutters give life to the “Taps and Fittings Industry”.
Through time the workshops have continued to evolve until they  created  a real and proper Taps and Fittings District, one of the most succesful reality of the mechanical Made in Italy industry.

It is in the ‘50s, when this District  really and finally  thrives, that our company  is founded by  the Gaboli brothers.

Bruno and Giovanni gave life to a project which  has been growing for longer than  60 years through the second generation  of the family.